Baking Bread with Sandra Part 3 of…

Well, we tried again, this time making a beer bread without the beer. It turned out super hard and didn’t rise like we thought it would. Again.

I talked to my Mama, who has made bread successfully before and  she gave us the following tips.

1.) Add more yeast.
2.) Knead it harder and longer.
3.) Add some sugar to help it rise.
4.) We should have used the beer when we tried to make a no-beer beer bread, as it added sugar and starch to the recipe, which we needed.
5.) Try not to make so many loaves. We tried to make 8 loaves, and probably should have done six or fewer.

So, we’ll probably try again after the holidays. We’ve still got plenty of yeast and flour, but we’ve got some baking to do on the 23rd, in preparation for Christmas, and so probably won’t try the bread again.

Stay tuned to So I Think to Myself… for two, yes two, dessert lasagna recipes, and check out Life, Laughter, and Blogging for a Tricolor recipe in a few days. What is a Tricolor? Beats me. My guess though is that it has three colors.