School’s Started

Well, I say school, but by school I mean college, and by college I mean the Spring Semester. And by that I mean Developmental Math and American Government. Eggs, omelette. You know how it is.

Or maybe you don’t, I don’t know.

Anyway, today was the first day of the spring semester, and I’m actually done with my first week’s assignments in MATH 100 – Developmental Math. Curious as to what that looks like?

This, basically.

This, basically.

Bad picture is bad. I took it with my laptop’s webcam, so it is pretty bad.

I e-mailed my instructor and she told me I can work ahead all I want.

This is exactly what I said when I found that out:

challenge accepted

However, I do still have American Government, and my plan (AHAHAHA!!!) is to finish my week’s assignment in that before I do anymore math. Fortunately my week’s assignment in that this week is to read one chapter, reply to a couple people on the introductory discussion board, and do an assignment where upon the answers are given in a presentation.


I do have a paper due in five weeks that I need to plan out as well. It looks scary, but I hope that if I divide it up into manageable chunks it won’t be too bad.