[Late] Christmases and Desktop Organization

So, we have a lot of ‘Christmases’ around here. I know Sandra is having four. I’m having… three? Yes, three sounds about right. One with Mama, one with the local family, and one with the extended family. Well, basically one of the family Christmases, which will be held on Christmas Eve at Sonny’s BBQ, is a gift exchange slash please no more cooking or I will die.

The cousin and I are cooking on the 23rd at her place. She’s making Tricolors, a dessert which I have never had before and I am making two dessert lasagnas. One chocolate and the other banana.

I will probably be blogging the making of the dessert lasagnas, and Sandra will be blogging the making of the Tricolors. So do be on the lookout for that very soon!

Another thing that’s been happening around here is that the cousin and I are trying to organize our lives. One thing that we’re doing is using home-made sectioned desktop wallpaper.

Organization RULES

Organization RULES

As you can see I took a simple all over patterned wallpaper and used my image editor program of choice, which happens to be Ye Olde Jasc Paint Shop Pro v.7.04 that I’ve had for YEARS, and added sections.


This is the one I made for Sandra. It’s to her specifications.

To use a sectioned background like this is very simple.

  • Have your background. (A customizable pre-made version is here and here’s one that I made.)
  • Set it as your desktop background
  • Right click on your desktop background.
  • Click on View
  • Uncheck “Align Icons to Grid”
  • Arrange your Icons in their new boxes. It won’t align automatically anymore, so you have to make it pretty yourself. If you’re like the cousin, everything must align perfectly. I have to admit I can be kind of obsessive myself at times, so I can’t tease too much.

Want sticky notes like the Cousin does? Evernote has a sticky note download that you can use on your desktop. This even works with windows 8 and 8.1.


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