Raspberry Lemon Cupcakes

This is not really a cooking blog, although it certainly seems like that as of late, but it is the holidays, so… yes, there is a lot of cooking going on.

I’ve been watching Cupcake Wars on Netflix, and I’ve been craving sweets, so this cupcake recipe popped into my head.

Raspberry Lemon Cupcakes.

One thing I have learned on Cupcake Wars is that lemon juice will curdle some things. I guess it’s the acid in it, so I’d probably use lemon extract to get the flavor without risking the curdling. (Or just buy a lemon cake mix, but that’s cheating.)

I want to make a lemon cake mix, (or a white cake mix and add some lemon extract if lemon cake mixes don’t exist at my local Piggly Wiggly or Harvey’s), some fresh raspberries and make a compote, assuming that’s Chef language for cook down the raspberries with a touch of sugar (or cheat and buy some raspberry preserves), take out a bit of the center of the cupcake and add the raspberry compote/preserves, and top it with a raspberry cool-whip icing, with a fresh raspberry on the top.

I don’t want this to be a heavy dessert. The raspberry filling is going to be the sweetest thing in there, and that’s how I like the idea.

I think this would be super delicious with an angel food cupcake, which is already light and fluffy and awesome with fruit toppings.

Actually yes, I think what I’m going to do is use an angel food cake mix and make that into cupcakes. I’ll take out a bit of the center of that and add the raspberry compote/preserves, and make a cool-whip frosting with lemon pudding in the mix and fresh raspberries whipped in to top it with.

I might make this on the 23rd when I make the dessert lasagnas, depending on if Sandra’s willing to let me use her kitchen for three desserts (I promise I’ll clean up!) and if I can find raspberries this time of year.

More than likely I’ll make them next month after things ease up from the holidays.

Until the 23rd then, loves!


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