Making Bread With the Cousin Part 2 of…

Alrighty then, the cousin and I made a quick (ha!) trip to Wal-Mart and bought two more bags of flour and a larger mixing bowl. ($11.47 for a bowl?!) and decided to try again after we saw how our first batch of bread made.

2014-12-20 00.38.19

It kind of looks like a loaf of biscuit, doesn’t it? It ended up absolutely yummy, but incredibly dense. We weren’t really sure what we did wrong until after some research. It turns out that we added too much flour to it, which is odd, because it was a very wet dough. Also, we probably didn’t give it enough time to rise like we should have.

2014-12-20 00.39.22

See.. it just doesn’t look quite right.  At least it tastes good!

No, she's not crazy at all!

No, she’s not crazy at all!

The cousin took a selfie on my phone, so I’m putting it on my blog. Love you, cousin!

More to follow after this dough rises.


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